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Patra Krida - English

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Patra Krida - English

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• Patrakrida, or Cardplay, came to be known as “Ganjipha” in the later half of Medieval period. Though there are references to Patrakrida in works such as Kamasutra; it is to be noted that no manual has survived in full-fledged form from the past; it may have undergone changes in rules through the course of history.
• The six texts that deal with card play and its various dimensions that survive today are - Ganjiphakhelana, Ganjipha Khelanakrama, Sritattvanidhi, Kridanidhi, Kridakausalya, Cetavinoda Kavya and Kridakausalya.
• The book deals with various games and sports of ancient Indea and revolves to unravel the Ganjipha sport as well as a medium of art.
• Detailed explanation of the rules and types of Ganjipha is dealt with as gleaned from Ganjipha Khelana and Krida Kausalya. Another interesting aspect dealt with is the role of Ganjipha in the development of a cottage industry.
• The book ends with a suggestion based on these references and available evidences that India might be the precursor to Card Play with its division of decks that existed from eighth century.
• It is a most fascinating and interesting book that will attract interest to all sections of the society. All of us have at some point of time played cards as a past time.
• It is only natural that we will be interested in knowing the origin and development of interest not only in card-play but also allied sports like cock-fight, dove-fight, bull-fight and even fights of pigs, which are not confined only to India, but also played throughout South-East Asia.
• Thus till this date six texts are available specifically on card games in Sanskrit Literature. Of these the Ganjipha khelana and the Krida Kausalya which are similar in nature and available in print have been taken up for study here. Also efforts have been made to understand rules and reputation of the Ganjipha game.

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