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Panchaloha Kamakshi With Arch

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This Vigraha of Sri Kamakshi amman – the Goddess in Kanchi, bestower of all wishes through her beautiful eyes, is made of Panchaloha (combination of five metals). The uniqueness of this Kamakshi is that she is not in her Padmasana pose (as seen in Kanchipuram). Like Sri Lalitha Parameswari, she is having her right leg touching the Earth and the left leg in the lap of the right leg. All the features of Sri Kamakshi, Pirai Chandra (Phasing moon), pasa, Angusa, Karumbu Vil (Bow of Sugarcane), Bunch of flowers (Pushpa Bana), where the parrot is seated, is rightly captured. Sri Kamakshi amman is well seated on a padmapeeta supported by Thiruvachi. Worshipping with Kamakshi Ashtotram, Sri Mukha Panchathi, Kamakshi Gayathri and reciting verses of Kamakshi Vilasam and performing archana with Kumkuma Archana, one will get all the wishes fulfilled. Ideal for temples.

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