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Golu Competition 2018

This year, we are planning to offer an option for the entries to submit a 2 minute video to supplement the competition entry. Shown below are the preliminary guidelines. More detailed guidelines will follow soon.

To Participate this Event, please


  1. The entry form should be submitted by the household who is responsible for the golu arrangement.
  2. The golu arrangement/presentation is for the year 2018. Previous year arrangements are not eligible
  3. One entry per household . Entry deadline is November 18, 2018.
  4. The entries will be voted by registered visitors of the site based on several parameters. Winners will be selected based on popular vote rating.
  5. 1st Prize Rs 5000, 2nd Prize Rs 3000, 3rd Prize: Rs 2000 from GIRI.
  6. The participant should provide maximum 5 photographs (one of them should include the picture of a person in that household – to validate the entry, will not be seen by the voters). Submitting more than 5 photographs may delay or invalidate your entry/participation. Submission should include a brief write-up (not more than 50 words) about their Golu.
  7. By submitting the entry form, the participants agree that the photographs and the write-up could be used by the contest organizers
  8. The information in the entry will not be used for any other purposes.