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Sri Nammazhwar, is the reincarnation (avatara) of Vishwaksena, the Senapati (warlord of Sri Narayana) one of the nitya suris in Vaikunta on instruction from Sriman Narayana to uplift the souls for liberation. Swami Nammazhwar, is the 4th Acharya in the Sri Vaishnava Guruparampara (lineage). Swami Nammazhwar is worshipped at par with Sriman Narayana in some parts. This idol made of panchlokha is crafted to the perfection with all the details, the chinmudra, the scripts (nalayira divya prabhandam ) on the other hand, the lips coming together conveying (Upadesa) with hairlock and ornaments additing to the beauty. Swami is seated on padmasana on Simhasana marked with Srivaishnava Lakshna (Thiruman). Idol can be donated as Utsava moorthy to newly constructed Sri Mahavishnu temples.

Additional Information

Height (Inches) 5
Width (Inches) 3
Depth (Inches) 2

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