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Latkhan - Hanging Lamp -5 Face

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Latkhan - Hanging Lamp -5 Face

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A hanging lamp is a form of lighting fixture that is suspended from the ceiling by a chain, rope, or rod. It is also referred to as a pendant lamp or pendant light. It is intended to hang down and cast light into a particular room or space. There are many different shapes, sizes, and materials available for hanging lamps, providing a wide range of aesthetic options. They can be utilised to provide atmosphere and elegance to a space while also providing lighting, serving both practical and ornamental objectives.
Attain the aesthetic feel along with blessings
• Brass is generally used to create the hanging kuthu vilakku since it is a sturdy and corrosion-resistant metal. It is made with meticulous attention to detail and frequently includes traditional carvings, engravings, or motifs that highlight South India's rich cultural past.
• Typically, the hanging kuthu vilakku is cylindrical or conical in shape, with a broad base and a tapering top. Each branch or tier of it may hold a deepam (lamp) or cup filled with oil. The lamp cups are made to contain cotton wicks that have been soaked in oil and burned to create a flame.
• The hanging kuthu vilakku represents divinity, light, and good fortune. The lamps are thought to be a depiction of the sacred fire, and it is believed that the light they emit prohibits evil, ignorance, and darkness. The act of lighting the lamp is thought to be one of devotion, blessings, and fostering an environment of spiritual uplift.
• It's vital to remember that geographical variances and individual tastes may affect the precise design and features of a brass hanging kuthu vilakku. They are frequently regarded as priceless heirlooms that have been passed down through the centuries and represent cultural and religious traditions.
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Product Details

Material Brass
Height (Inches) 6
Width (Inches) 6.5
Depth (Inches) 6.5
Net Weight (KG) 1.075
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