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Krishnavatara-The Book Of Sathyabama - (Vol - 5) - English

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Krishnavatara-The Book Of Sathyabama - (Vol - 5) - English

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An outstanding Indian novelist and politician named Kanhaiyalal Maniklal Munshi is the creator of the engaging literary work Krishnavatara: The Book of Sathyabama, Volume 5 (English). This book is a component of the wider Krishnavatara series, which examines Lord Krishna's life and times as a significant figure in Hinduism.
● Sathyabama, one of Lord Krishna's main consorts and a symbol of divine beauty and devotion, is the subject of this specific volume. The story goes deeply into Sathyabama's complex psyche to provide readers with a comprehensive grasp of her personality, ideas, and feelings.
● Amidst political unrest, deceit, and divine intervention, the drama takes place in ancient India.
● In addition to being taken to a world filled with castles, kingdoms, and conflicts, the reader also gets to see the profound spiritual lessons and ideas that Krishna shares with his followers.
● In addition to repeating well-known stories from Hindu scriptures, Krishnavatara: The Book of Sathyabama, Volume 5, is a rich tapestry of historical fiction that incorporates mythology, philosophy, and human drama. Readers are completely submerged in the sights, sounds, and feelings of ancient India thanks to Munshi's superb narrative and vivid descriptions.
● Readers gain an understanding of the complexity of love, commitment, and sacrifice through Sathyabama's eyes. Her persistent trust in Lord Krishna, her challenges with society's standards, and her path to self-realisation are all explored in this book.
● The story's interactions between Sathyabama and the other characters provide an opportunity to consider ideas like duty, righteousness, and the true nature of power. A masterwork of historical fiction, Krishnavatara: The Book of Sathyabama, Volume 5, delivers a singular fusion of tradition, spirituality, and human drama. For those who are interested in Indian mythology, ancient history, and the profound wisdom given by Lord Krishna, it is a must-read. This volume is a classic addition to the Krishnavatara series because of Munshi's skillful narrative and insightful observations.

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Author K. M. Munshi
Publisher Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Language English
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