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Kaval Deivangal - Grama Devadaigal  (Part-2)

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Kaval Deivangal - Grama Devataikal II-Tamil

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● The fascinating book “Kaval Deivangal-GGrama Devataikal II-Tamil” explores the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Tamil Nadu, India. This book, which was written in Tamil, provides a thorough introduction to the revered deities known as Kaval Deivangal or Grama Devataikal, who are worshipped as protector spirits in rural areas.
● The notion of Kaval Deivangal or Grama Devataikal is introduced in depth at the beginning of the book, along with its relevance and related belief systems. It traces the beginnings of these deities back to antiquity and their development over the ages as it investigates their historical and cultural underpinnings. Readers will find a wealth of knowledge on numerous Kaval Deivangal or Grama Devataikal, including their names, forms, and characteristics, within its pages.
● In the book, these deities are given vivid descriptions that highlight their distinctive personalities and functions in the lives of their followers. As part of illuminating each deity's stories and the folklore that surrounds them, it also investigates the traditions and legends connected to each of them.
● The book Kaval Deivangal-Grama Devataikal II-Tamil explores the customs, celebrations, and modes of worship connected to Kaval Deivangal or Grama Devataikal. Kaval Deivangal-Grama Devataikal II-Tamil offers insights into the religious practises followed by the local populations and provides thorough directions on how to carry out customary rituals and ceremonies. It also examines the holy places and temples built in honour of these deities, emphasising the architectural and historical significance of each.
● “Kaval Deivangal-Grama Devataikal II-Tamil” is a great resource for academics, researchers, and enthusiasts interested in Tamil Nadu's cultural and religious legacy because of its comprehensive approach.
● Kaval Deivangal-Grama Devataikal II-Tamil provides a thorough grasp of the complex web of values, traditions, and rituals that have influenced people's lives in rural Tamil Nadu for many generations.
● Kaval Deivangal-Grama Devataikal II-Tamil book is certain to captivate and enlighten you with its insightful information and fascinating storytelling, whether you're looking to learn more about Tamil Nadu's spiritual traditions or are just interested in the guardian spirits worshipped in the area.

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ISBN 9788179505557
Author R. Ponnammal
Publisher GIRI
Language Tamil
Pages 192
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Binding Soft Bound
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