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Kamakshi With Arch

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Kamakshi With Thiruvachi


In all Hindu homes, offices, shops and all commercial establishments. God/Goddess photos/statues are kept and invariably Kamatchi Vilakku When comparing kuthu villaku Kamatchi Vilakku – Kamatchi Amman Vilakku – Kamakshi Lamp has only one face, light in we

Kamatchi Vilakku is a divine lamp used in Hinduism. It should be a household lamp. Before the ritual, the lamp was decorated with flowers and other sacred things. In many families for generations, preserve it like precious ornaments in their home.

Some still keeps the light of Kamatchi Lamp burning immortal which lit by their ancestors . During house warming functions, festivals, rituals and any kind of ceremonies the light which was carried divine by the people is the one and only Kamatchi Vilakku

Panchaloha Vigaham means Alloy of Five Metals

Panchaloha is an alloy of Gold (Au) silver(Ag), copper(Cu), zinc(Zn) and iron(Fe) as the important or main ingredients


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Height (Inches) 6
Width (Inches) 4.5
Depth (Inches) 2.5
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