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Iyer Poonal (60 Cm) Set - Spl -Grr

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Yajnyopavita-Smarta - 6 Pcs Set

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Yajnyopavita, or poonal kayiru, is a sacred thread that Brahmin men wear across their bodies.
After performing certain rituals, they begin wearing it at a young age.
This thread is made from pure cotton, so it is harmless to the skin.
Brahmins wearing the poonal thread daily do poojas by chanting mantras.
Some rules are followed when you wear the poonal thread to show respect for it.
This set contains four pieces of sacred thread.
Benefits & features:
-Yagnopaveetham is a triple stranded sacrificial filament joined by a knot called Brahmagranthi that is worn by those initiated into the Gayathri recital.
Yagnopaveetham means a sacred covering on the body without which a yagna or sacred ritual cannot be performed.
It is also called as Brahmasuthram.
-Yagno-pavita means ‘thread of sacrifice’ which symbolises the sacrifice of ego, anger & selfishness.
-"Poonul", the sacred thread, is a composition of three threads, signifying the goddesses Gayatri (thought), Saraswati (word), and Savitri (deed), respectively.
One  should start wearing it the day they are initiated into the Gayathri Manthra, which generally happens through a ceremony called Upanayanam.
Wear Yagnopaveetham one by one, reciting the relevant sankalpa and Yagnopaveetham dhaarana manthra.

SandhyAvandanam” is a “nitya karmA”, a daily obligatory duty of the dwijas. (those who wear the sacred thread)
“sandhyA” means ‘twilight’ and “vandanam” means ‘worship’.
sandhyAvandanam is the worship performed at dawn and dusk to the supreme Lord who is the indweller of the disc of the sun. The meditative repetition of the gAyatri mantrA and the offerings of water called “arghyam” are central to the “sandhyAvandanam” procedure.

sandhyAvandanam or sandhyOpasanA procedures should be learnt from your guru/pandit officially at the time of “upanayanA”, the initiation ceremony of the sacred thread because they contain mantrAs from the VedAs and have swarAs. Thereafter, it can be practised with the help of your elders or through other medias.
Please click on“My sandhyAvandanam”icon to get your personalised complete procedure.
In the morning we do “PrAtah sandhyAvandanam” or “PrAtah sandhyOpAsanA”
In the afternoon we do “MAdhyAhnikam”
In the evening we do “SAyam sandhyAvandanam” or “SAyam sandhyOpAsanA”
The traditional sandhyAvandanam procedure has 2 parts.
1) poorva bhAgam and 2) uttara bhAgam
1) poorva bhAgam has those basic purificatory karmAs like Achamanam, angavandanam, praNAyAmam, sankalpam, prOkshaNam, prAshanam, punar mArjanam, arghya pradhAnam, Atma anusandhAnam, Navagraha/keshavAdi tarpaNam.
2) uttara bhAgam has the main gAyatri japa sankalpa, gAyatri AvAhanam, gAyatri japa nyAsam, gAyatri dhyAnam, gAyatri japa, upasthAnam, digdEvatA vandanam, dig vandanam, soorya nArAyaNa vandanam, kshamA prArthanA and abhivAdanam.
Some sections of the sandhyAvandanam mantrAs differ according to castes and sub-castes.

One need these basic tools to perform thi daily ritual





Asan to sit and perform.

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