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Great Political Leaders of The Twentith Century

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This Book Contains David Lloys George(1863-1945), Winston Churchil(1874-1965), Clement Atlee(1883-1968), Charles De Gaulle(1890-1971), Adolf Hitler(1889-1945), Konrad Adenaver(1876-1967), Francisco Franco(1892-1975), Benito Mussolini(1883-1945), Woodrow Wilson(1856-1924), Franklin D. Roosevelt(1882-1945), John Fitzgerald Kennedy(1917-1963), Juan Peron(1895-1974), Fidel Castro(1926), Che Guevera(1928-1967), Gamal Abdul Nasser(1918-1970), Kwame Nkrumah(1909-1972), Jamo Kenyatta(1889-1978), Nelson Mandela(1918), Vladimir Ilyich Lenin(1870-1924), Joseph vissarionovich Stalin(1879-1953), Nikita Kruschev(1894-1971), Mikhail Gorbachev(1931), Sun Yat-sen(1866-1925), Mao Tse-tung(1893-1976), Chou Enlai(1898-1976), Deng Xiao-ping(1904-1997), Mahatma Ganadhi(1869-1948), Jawaharlal Nehru(1889-1964), Indira Gandhi(1917-1984), Reza Shah Pahlavi-I(1877-1944), Ayatollah Ruhulla Musavi Khomeini(1903-1989), Kamal Ataturk(1881-1938), King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud(1880-1953), Muhammed Ali Jinnah(1876-1948), Ho Chi Minh(1890-1969).

Additional Information

Author Dr. A.N.P. Ummerkutty
Publisher Sura Books
Binding Soft Bound
Pages 165
ISBN 9788184493115
Height (Inches) 9
Width (Inches) 6
Depth (Inches) 1
Language English

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