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Ebony Karungali Mala 6mm

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Ebony Karungali Mala is a type of prayer bead necklace traditionally made from the wood of the Ebony tree. Ebony is a dense, dark wood known for its durability and smooth texture. The Karungali Mala is specifically associated with Lord Shani (Saturn) in Hinduism and is believed to help appease and seek blessings from this planetary deity.
Benefits of owning an Ebony Karungali Mala:
● The Ebony Karungali Mala is a beautifully crafted prayer bead necklace made from genuine Ebony wood. Each bead is carefully shaped and polished to ensure a smooth and comfortable texture. The beads have a deep, rich black color, symbolizing the energy and influence of Lord Shani.
● This mala typically consists of 108 beads, which are strung together with a strong and durable thread. The number 108 holds spiritual significance in Hinduism and is believed to represent the universe, with each bead serving as a reminder of a sacred mantra or prayer.
● The Ebony Karungali Mala is often used for chanting mantras dedicated to Lord Shani or during meditation and prayers to seek his blessings. Holding each bead and moving through the mala helps in maintaining focus and concentration, creating a calming and meditative experience.
● This mala can be worn around the neck or wrapped around the wrist. It serves as a powerful tool for spiritual practice, providing a tangible and meaningful connection with the energy of Lord Shani.
● Please note that the Ebony Karungali Mala is a sacred item and should be treated with respect and reverence. It is advisable to store it in a clean and sacred space when not in use and to avoid contact with water or chemicals that may damage the wood.
● It is always recommended to source the Ebony Karungali Mala from trusted sellers or spiritual stores to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product.

Product Details

Material Karungali
Height (Inches) 14
color Black
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