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Copper Havan Spoon - 19 Inches | Homa Chamach/ Havan Ghee Spoon for Puja/ 65 Gms Approx

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Copper Havan Spoon - 19 Inches | Homa Chamach/ Havan Ghee Spoon for Puja/ 65 Gms Approx

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● Elevate your rituals and ceremonies with the “Copper Havan Spoon,” an essential tool for the sacred fire ritual, havan or homa.
● This spoon is meticulously crafted from copper, a metal revered for its purity and conductivity, ensuring the sanctity of your offerings to the divine.
● A “Copper Havan Spoon” is a traditional and essential utensil used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies, particularly during havan (fire ritual) or homa.
● It is made of copper, a material highly regarded in Hindu culture for its purity and conductivity, making it ideal for conducting rituals involving fire and offerings.
● The spoon is crafted from high-quality copper, known for its purity and excellent thermal conductivity, making it suitable for use in fire rituals.
● Havan spoons are designed for specific actions during rituals, including offering ghee (clarified butter) or other offerings into the sacred fire.
● The havan spoon is an integral tool for the havan or homa ceremony, used for offering ghee, herbs, and other sacred substances into the fire.
● The spoon is designed with a long handle, allowing for ease of use and safe handling while offering the rituals.
● Copper is considered a pure metal and is often associated with various deities in Hindu culture, enhancing the spiritual significance of the ritual.
● The “Copper Havan Spoon” is ideal for use during various auspicious ceremonies, weddings, pujas, and other religious rituals.
● Copper utensils are relatively easy to clean and maintain, ensuring their longevity and continued use for sacred rituals.
● Perform your sacred rituals with reverence and purity using the “Copper Havan Spoon.”
● Let this essential ritual tool facilitate your offerings to the divine fire, adding sanctity and grace to your ceremonies, and connecting you with the spiritual realm.

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Material Copper
Height (Inches) 19
Net Weight (KG) 0.065
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