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Vaalkaavilurunthu Gangai Varai - Tamil

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Rahul Sankrityayan, a scholar and travel writer, collected twenty historical fiction short stories in Vaalkaavilurunthu Gangai Varai - Tamil (Hindi: वोल्गा से गंगा). The book was published in 1943. Sankrityayan studied foreign languages while visiting Russia, Korea, Japan, China, and other nations. His expertise in cultural studies grew.

All of the accounts together show how the Aryans migrated from the Eurasian steppes to the area surrounding the Volga river; from there, they traveled over the Hindukush, the Himalayas, and the sub-Himalayan highlands; finally, they spread to the Indo-Gangetic plains on the Indian subcontinent. The book is set between 6000 BC and 1942, when Indian nationalist leader Mahatma Gandhi called for the campaign to leave India.

In addition to foreign languages, it has been translated into numerous other languages, including as Nepali, Assamese, Marathi, Bengali, English, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Punjabi, where it has appeared in multiple editions.