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Naalvar Nayantha Vaippu Thalangal - Tamil

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K Saikumar, in his book titled ‘Naalvar Nayantha Vaippu Thalangal,’ has explored ancient places known as Vaippu thalangal since they are sung by the Devaram trio namely Thirunavukarasar, Thirugyanasambandar and Sundarar in songs from other places. The book is a treat for pilgrims who wish to immerse in the Shaivite significance of these temples and the history, architecture and rituals associated with them.

The author has made a profound attempt to detail these Vaippu Thalangal, their location and transport access.
Since the present names of many of these locations mentioned in the Dewar are not known, it is assumed that temples in these Vaippu Thalangal may have been destroyed by time and only those that have been identified in this category of Padal Petra Thalangal are mentioned here.