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Brass Kuthu Villaku - 14 Inches | Om Design Lamp/ Diya/ Deepam for Pooja/ 960 Gms Approx

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Kuthu villaku are traditionally used as table lamps, primarily as a pair in the pooja room before the altar. The purpose is to provide a soothing light to highlight the features of the deity placed in the puja room. Within the lamp, numerous wicks, or thiris, can be held separately. This Brass Kuthu Vilakku looks like several diyas have lit up at once. Positivity and wealth are drawn into the home when an oil lamp is lit.
• Made by professional artisans, these oil lamps, unlike light-weight fancy lamps, are heavily crafted with brass to withstand heat and are thus suitable for daily use. This traditional kuthu villaku can be used in households for decorative or religious purposes.
• This Brass Kuthu Villaku is a typical lamp from Tamil Nadu. It has five sides to place the wick, or thiri. The wick's, or thiri's, round base is deep enough to hold enough oil to keep it burning for a long time. The elaborately made vilakku can be disassembled for simple storage. The stand for the Kuthu Vilakku is strong and well-made. A beautiful and well-crafted Om symbol has pride of place at the top of the Vilakku.
• This Pithalai Kuthu vilakku can be used for daily puja in the puja room.
• Makes an attractive piece of interior decor.
• Makes an excellent and thoughtful gift.
• Because it is made of brass, it is simple to clean and maintain.