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Giri Thirumangalya Set | Turmeric/ Kumkum/ Yellow Thread/ Turmeric Finger/ Thamboola Pack for Pooja

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The Tirumangalya set / Thambulam Set/ Sumangali Set consists of kumkum and turmeric powder, turmeric fingers, and a yellow mangalya thread, also known as thali. This Sumangali Set is offered to married women during festivals or poojas. Benefits & Features of Thambulam Set: • This special, premium-quality Tirumangalya combo pack (Thambulam Set) is specially made for Hindus' traditional offerings. It is used as a return gift item for pooja, weddings, engagements, house warming, shashtiabdapoorthi, and other occasions and events. • The thali's significance begins at a wedding and continues till the end of your life. The thali Kayiru is not an ordinary ornament. It is the most important part of a wedding ceremony in India. In different regions around India, this holy gold thread is named differently. In southern India, it is known as the thali or thirumangalyam, whereas people in the north call it the mangalsutra. • Turmeric Finger greatly enhances a thread's ability to absorb energy. The turmeric finger is what turns a thread into a Thirumangalyam. • This Kumkuma is made from pure turmeric and scented with a divine fragrance. Kumkum is revered in Hindu culture for its purity, divinity, and the auspicious aura it lends to all rituals. Our sastras recommend that we apply Kumkum for health, devotion, and spiritual bliss. The kumkum/Kungumam/vermillion/sindoor are made from natural ingredients. • Turmeric (manjal or haldi), one of the ashta mangala items, is a must in every ritual for development and growth (para Karyam). Turmeric powder has played an important role in Hindu spirituality. • Plenty of exclusive traditional based products, Pooja return gifts, Thamboolam set only at Giri. Visit our stores and website to embrace our culture and tradition.