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Vel Maral - Tamil | by Giri Publications | Soft Cover

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• An important role in the worship honouring Velayutham is played by the recitation of "Vel Maral." In order to create 64 steps, Vallimala Srisachidananda Swami combined the 16 steps of the Vel class devotional book/spiritual book that had been blessed by Arunagirinath.
• All benefits accrue when this Maha Mantra from the devotional book/spiritual book is chanted continuously for 48 days (one mandala) and worshipped; fear of enemies and bad deeds are also banished.
• All kinds of physical and mental health issues will be resolved, and life will be better.
• Courage and self-confidence are born. Additionally, since Lord Kartikeya Murugan considers the holy month of Thirukarthikai to be fortunate, it is very special to recite Vel Maral during this time.
• Regardless of caste, gender, or caste, anyone can recite the Vel Maral.
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