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Thirupugazh Virivurai-Pazhani

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• "Thirupugazh Virivurai-Palani," is a captivating Tamil book that takes you on a spiritual journey through the soul-stirring verses of Thirupugazh.
• Immerse yourself in the profound and devotional poetry penned by the revered saint Arunagirinathar, encapsulated within the sacred ambiance of Palani.
• This book is a treasure trove of divine verses, carefully curated to transport readers to the mystical realm of Palani, a sacred abode that resonates with the essence of spirituality.
• Each page unfolds the timeless beauty of Thirupugazh, invoking a sense of reverence and connecting readers to the rich cultural heritage of Tamil literature.
• "Thirupugazh Virivurai-Palani" is not just a book; it's an odyssey into the spiritual tapestry of Tamil Nadu, inviting readers to explore the depths of devotion and find solace in the verses that echo through the ages.
• Whether you are a seasoned devotee or a curious explorer of Tamil literature, this book is a gateway to a world where words transcend the ordinary and touch the divine.
• Immerse yourself in the poetic symphony of Thirupugazh and experience the profound spirituality of Palani like never before.