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Sri Paadhuga Sahasram - Tamil

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This book is written in simple Tamil and consists of 32 sections. Mahadesika's vivid imagination is evident in the description of a cow rushing back to her calf in the evening (page 74). The absence of crime and the protection of children during Bharata's rule of Ayodhya (14 years) make us wish for such rulers today (Verse 153). The reasons for Sita's worship of protective powers are explained in Verses 229 and 230 (page 104). The author has included a review of the book by Dr. Kalian Sampath from The Times of India, dated November 23, 2014. The book is divided into 32 paths, with "Pathathi" meaning "footsteps." Swamiji believed that he wrote this book based on inspiration from The Guardian (Verse 1005). He was the only one to be named Pathathi. It is widely believed that reciting this book, Sriranganatha Paduka Sahaswaram, will remove sins as the sun melts snow. Dear devotees, worship Sri Ranganathan's protection - he will never abandon you. Find more such similar Hindu spiritual books, bhakti books, stotram books and more at the Giri book section!