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Sri Jayamangala Stothram (2 Vol ) Set

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• Sri Jayamangala Stotram" in a two-volume set is a compilation of rare and powerful stotras dedicated to various deities, including the Navagrahas.
• The author, Sri Sengalipuram Anantharama Deekshitar, has provided simple meanings to the Sanskrit verses in the Tamil language.
• This work aims to make the recitation and understanding of these stotras accessible to a wider audience.
• The Hindu Spiritual book contains a collection of stotras that are rare, predominant, and prevalent, covering a range of deities and focusing on the auspicious aspects for the well-being of the devotees.
• The second volume may include the recitation and meaning of Vishnu Sahasranama, a sacred compilation of a thousand names of Lord Vishnu, with the verses presented in both Devanagari script and Tamil script.
• The inclusion of both scripts facilitates ease of recitation for individuals familiar with either script, promoting accessibility and inclusivity.
• The purpose of "Sri Jayamangala Stotram" is to provide devotees with a comprehensive and meaningful compilation of stotras that can be recited for auspiciousness and blessings. The inclusion of simple meanings in Tamil enhances the understanding and devotion of the practitioners.