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Kandar Anubhooti - Tamil | Hindu Religious Book/ Stotra Book

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Content: Shlokas
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• Kandar Anubhuti is a Tamil literary work composed by the 13th century poet-saint Arunagirinathar. The work consists of 51 verses (anubhutis) that celebrate the glory of Lord Muruga, the Hindu deity of war and victory.
• In Kandar Anubhooti, Arunagirinathar explores various aspects of devotion, including the role of the guru (spiritual teacher), the importance of self-surrender, and the power of divine grace.
• This work also contains descriptions of the divine attributes and exploits of Lord Muruga, and is considered an important devotional text in Tamil literature.
• The text has been widely translated into other Indian languages, including Hindi and Telugu. This book is available in tamil, and since the text is bold, it is easy for anyone to read. Older people can easily read the book as well.
• This verses of Kandar Anubhuti are filled with devotion and love for Lord Muruga, which can inspire and deepen one's own spiritual practice.
• Many devotees believe that reading Kandar Anubhuti can invoke the protection and blessings of Lord Muruga, helping to overcome obstacles and challenges in life.
• Kandar Anubhuti is an important part of Tamil literature and culture, and reading the book can deepen one's appreciation and understanding of Tamil spirituality and history.