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Arunagiri Aruliya Thirupugazh 5 Vol Set

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• Arunagiri Aruliya Thirupugazh is a profound and spiritually enriching collection of sacred hymns written by the great saint-poet Arunagirinathar, dedicated to Lord Murugan (Subrahmanya, Kartikeya).
• This 5-volume set in Tamil, authored by V. S. Chengalvarayan, is a comprehensive and meticulously compiled compilation of the Thirupugazh hymns, often hailed for their devotional depth and poetic beauty.
• The 5-volume set contains the complete collection of Thirupugazh hymns, composed by Arunagirinathar, and revered for their devotion, praise of Lord Murugan, and philosophical insights.
• The hymns are presented in the Tamil language, preserving the authenticity and cultural significance of the verses.
• The set is categorized as a shlokas book, as it features traditional verses, but Thirupugazh is unique in its poetic and devotional approach, celebrated for its distinct literary style.
• Thirupugazh is an important devotional work dedicated to Lord Murugan, emphasizing the significance of surrender, devotion, and divine love.
• With five volumes, this set provides a comprehensive resource for those seeking to delve deep into the teachings and praises of Lord Murugan through Arunagirinathar's hymns.
• Thirupugazh is an integral part of South Indian cultural and spiritual heritage, and this set helps preserve and propagate these valuable verses.
• Arunagiri Aruliya Thirupugazh - 5 Vols Set - Tamil is a profound addition to your spiritual library, offering an extensive collection of devotional hymns that inspire a deep connection with Lord Murugan.
• Whether you are a devoted follower of Lord Murugan or an admirer of Tamil devotional poetry, this set provides a rich source of spiritual and literary inspiration.