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Pineapple - 100 Gms

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In addition to being a traditional fragrance for the house, office, and outdoors, pineapple agarbatti also eliminates undesirable odors and makes a thoughtful gift for close friends and family. The distinctive method used to make the pineapple incense sticks uses aroma based on essential oils. These incense sticks reduce stress and are intended for use in prayer and meditation.

The vibrant scent of pineapple permeates the flavorful incense sticks, which are crafted from organic ingredients. When the Pineapple premium incense sticks are lit, the atmosphere is filled with a pleasant scent of fruit and optimism. The pineapple-flavored agarbattis not only improves meditation sessions but also creates a nice aroma that promotes relaxation and stress alleviation. The spicy scent of pineapple incense sticks is ideal for reviving the body and mind.