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Giri Kumkum - 50 Gms | Kubera Kumkum/ Kuber Pacha Kumkuma/ Green Colour/ Sindoor for Pooja

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Green Kubera Kumkum is a sacred offering that embodies the vibrant essence of Kubera and Amman, two revered deities in Hindu tradition. Used often within the sanctum of the temple, this alluring green kungumam boasts a natural brilliance, a shade of green reminiscent of flourishing nature and divine blessings. Ideal for use in Pachaiyamman temple, our Green sindoor holds the promise of prosperity and positivity. It has been cherished for generations for its unparalleled attributes and the multitude of blessings it brings forth.
Features of Green Kungumam:
• Applying green sindoor continuously for 41 days is believed to grant good results in whatever you set out to achieve.
• There is continued faith that this Kubera kumkum / Green Kungumam has the power to solve any problems in homes - be it related to finances, academics, or marriage.
• If you want to achieve quick success in any task, it is advised in tradition to use this green Sindoor regularly.
• This green Kubera kumkum can be used by anyone regardless of age or gender. Those who start something with faith in it are said to be lucky and succeed easily.
• Available in various packet sizes.