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Chamundeshwari Loban Cups 12Pcs

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In India, using Loban fumes to boost good energy is a traditional and spiritual practise. After the puja is over, take the lit Chamundeshwari Loban Cups to disperse the aroma around the room.
• Burn a cup by lighting it from one side and offering it to the God. In addition to purging you of any bad energy, it works as a clean, effective, and all-natural insect repellent.
• It is believed that benzoin fosters creativity and inventiveness. Even more benefits include love attraction, psychic protection, wisdom, memory improvement, and depression relief.
• Additionally, it also increases the flow of prosperity.
• Chamundeshwari Loban Cups are known to purify bad air and create a more positive and encouraging environment.
• Chamundeshwari Loban Cups burn firmly, deliver soothing fragrances for calmness, and create a peaceful ambiance in our home or wherever they are used.