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Tirukkural An Abridgement Of Shastras - English | by Giri Publications | Soft Cover

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• "Tirukkural: An Abridgement of Shastras" is a devotional book/spiritual book written by Padma Bhushan Dr. R. Nagaswamy.
• The devotional book/spiritual book provides an in-depth analysis of the Tirukkural, a classic Tamil text that is considered one of the greatest works of Tamil literature.
• The Tirukkural consists of 1,330 couplets that cover a wide range of topics, including ethics, morality, love, politics, and spirituality. It is known for its concise and pithy style, and its teachings are widely respected in South India.
• In his devotional book/spiritual book, Dr. Nagaswamy offers a detailed commentary on the Tirukkural and explores its connections to the shastras, or ancient Hindu scriptures.
• He provides insights into the cultural and historical context in which the Tirukkural was written and discusses its relevance to contemporary life.
• Dr. R. Nagaswamy became the First Director of Archaeology from 1966 to 1988. He also served as the first Vice Chancellor of the Kanchipuram University and Advisor to the Government of India on the UNESCO project in documenting cultural property.
• His articles have been published in all the major languages of the world by UNESCO. He has been conferred honors like "Kalaimamani" by the Tamil Nadu government and also by all the leading cultural institutions in the state.
• The book is divided into chapters that correspond to the different themes and topics covered in the Tirukkural.
• Each chapter includes a summary of the relevant verses, as well as commentary and analysis that shed light on their meaning and significance. This book is avaliable in English.