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Manimegalai Puliyurkesigan (Thelivuraiyudan) - Tamil

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Seethalai Satanar wrote the Tamil-Buddhist epic poem Manimekalai somewhere between the second and sixth centuries. An insight into Tamil society and culture in the early centuries of the Common Era is provided by the epic. Along with books like Silappadikaram, it is regarded as one of Tamil literature's Five Great Epics. Renowned academic Puliyur Kesigan, who is well-known for his in-depth analyses of Sangam poetry and other classical Tamil literature, put together the commentary.

The meticulously researched commentary on Manimekalai by Puliyur Kesigan is highly praised for its elucidation of intricate language and syntax, examination of literary devices and poetic approaches, historical and cultural background, variety of interpretations, and academic references to other academic works on the same subject.