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A Sanskrit English Dictionary (2 Vols Set) HB - Sanskrit - English

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• This Sanskrit-English Dictionary, a comprehensive two-volume set that serves as an invaluable linguistic companion.
• This dictionary facilitates a seamless understanding of Sanskrit, an ancient and sacred language, by providing clear and concise English translations.
• The two volumes cover an extensive range of Sanskrit words, making it an essential resource for scholars, students, and enthusiasts.
• The dictionary is thoughtfully organized, featuring user-friendly alphabetical entries, making it easy to navigate and locate desired terms.
• Each entry includes precise English meanings, aiding in the accurate interpretation of Sanskrit texts. This set is not only a linguistic tool but also a gateway to exploring the rich cultural and philosophical heritage embedded in Sanskrit literature.
• Designed with clarity in mind, this Sanskrit-English Dictionary is an indispensable asset for anyone delving into the profound world of Sanskrit.
• Whether you are a student embarking on a scholarly journey or a language enthusiast eager to explore the roots of ancient wisdom, this two-volume set is a must-have, providing an accessible bridge between Sanskrit and English languages.
• Unlock the treasures of Sanskrit with this authoritative and user-friendly dictionary set.