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Stone Haram & Stone Necklace Set - 3 x 1.75 Inches | Haram Necklace Set/ Multicolour Stone Jewelry for Deity

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• Experience the stunning sparkling stone necklace, a masterwork made to enhance your deity's heavenly beauty.
• This Kabai deity necklace is a stunning piece of deity jewellery used to decorate your beloved god and goddess during Varalakshmi vratha pooja and other special events.
• This deity jewellery is made of good-quality Metal and stones. These different-sized, dazzling multicoloured stones enhance the beauteous look of Gods/Goddesses.
• The Kabai stone necklace of your God is gracefully embraced by a delicate chain on this lovely necklace.
• With its adjustable fit and knotting thread to tie the necklace, you can accommodate different deities and sculptures.
• The mesmerising God/Goddess jewellery, or Deity Kavasam, that serves as the decoration of this stunning necklace was lovingly made to showcase its divine brilliance.
• This Deity necklace is used as both god jewellery and goddess jewellery.
• When Swamy Alangaram (dressing the deity) is performed in temples, it is traditional to adorn the god with various deity jewellery and decorations in order to enhance their divine aspect.
• The Dazzling Kabai Stone Necklace, or Deity Stone Kavacham, is more than simply a pretty piece of jewellery; it represents adoration and respect.
• It elevates the spiritual ambiance of your place of worship or private shrine by serving as a testament to the love and adoration you have for your deity.
• Kabai Stone Necklace, or Deity Stone Kavacham, is a classic piece that can be passed down through the generations as a priceless heirloom and a symbol of your faith.
• Let the divine room be illuminated by its glistening kabai stone and proficient quality control, and allow it to bless and uplift you.
• Along with the exquisite Kabai Stone Necklace or Deity Stone Kavacham, Giri exclusively sells other accessories for the Goddess's elegant decoration.
• Visit Giri's website and shop online. Drench yourself immensely in spirituality.
• Please Note: This elegant Kabai Stone Necklace, or Deity Stone Kavacham, is assorted with different designs and different colours. This assorted product will be delivered on the basis of stock availability.