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Coriander Leaf Rice

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Coriander Leaf Rice Mix will take you to hectic kitchens full of the aroma of fresh coriander, satisfying your cravings for an authentic South Indian experience. It opens up a world of flavor. When infused into rice, the distinct flavor and lively blend of sun-dried and freshly chosen coriander leaves provide a unique freshness that will entice your palate.

This blend embodies the flavor of South Indian home cooking without requiring laborious preparations because it is made with tried-and-true methods and premium ingredients. Gourmets could expect a tasty, filling dinner that's ready to eat on weeknights when things become hectic, or a light, tasty lunch. For a genuinely authentic experience, pair your coriander leaf rice with roasted peanuts, a dollop of ghee, or a side of your favorite South Indian chutney.