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Giri Sambrani Dhoop - 24 Cups | Loban/ Guggal for Pooja

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• Giri Sambrani Dhoop is a traditional and aromatic incense product used for various religious and spiritual purposes.
• This cup sambrani is specially designed with a cup-shaped center that is filled with fragrant Sambrani resin, creating a captivating and therapeutic atmosphere when lit.
• Sambrani, also known as benzoin resin, is a natural aromatic resin derived from tree barks. It has been used for centuries in Indian rituals and ceremonies due to its calming and purifying properties.
• The cup shape of the Sambrani cup Dhoop batti allows for easy placement. The Dhoop cup are conveniently packed in a plastic bottle, allowing for easy storage and access whenever you wish to engage in your puja rituals.
• To use the Sambrani cup Dhoop, simply light the edge of the cup and let the flame burn for a few seconds. Once the flame subsides, the Dhoop Agarbatti cup will start to release fragrant smoke. The unique blend of aromatic resins and natural ingredients creates a soothing and purifying aroma that fills the air.
• The fragrance of the cup sambrani is known for its calming effect on the mind and for promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.
• Sambrani loban dhoop is often used during meditation, yoga practice, or prayer sessions to create a serene and focused atmosphere. Additionally, Sambrani is believed to have cleansing properties, helping to purify the surrounding environment.
• Sambrani are lit during poojas to maintain positive vibes in the household and keep negativity at bay. Sambrani loban dhoop agabratti plays an essential role in the worship of God.
• The cup shape of the Sambrani Dhoop ensures that it burns evenly and safely, minimizing the risk of ash or residue falling onto surfaces. It allows for a controlled and consistent release of fragrance, allowing you to fully experience the aromatic benefits.
• Indulge in the aromatic journey of Sambrani guggal dhoop cup and immerse yourself in its soothing and purifying fragrance. Whether for personal use, religious ceremonies, or creating a tranquil ambiance, this traditional incense product offers a unique sensory experience.