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Jamakkol Prachannam - Tamil

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Jamakkol Prasanam/Prachannam is a notable horary method of prediction methodology. In Tamil Nadu, it is commonly practiced. Tamil astrological divination is made easy and new by the Jamakkol Prasanam methodology. The conventional and traditional astrological systems are not foreign to this approach. It exclusively includes the Parasara system's laws, customs, and practices. It takes a different approach and has unique rules. The Udhaya, Aaruda, and Kavippu are the three essential components used in the Jamakkol Prasanam. Astrological forecasts are possible thanks to the interaction between these three principles and the Jama planets. This subject (part of several volumes) explains how to correct the Jama planets as well as the equations needed to find the Udhaya, Aaruda, and Kavippu. The planets' kaarakathuvas, bhavas, and signs must be taken into consideration if precise findings are to be obtained. They are therefore fully and only addressed. This will be beneficial to astrologers in general as well as Jamakkol Prasanam practitioners. Case examples have been presented to make understanding the Jamakkol system simple.

About the Author:

S. Gopalakrishnan, also known as GK, is an expert in all branches of astrology. Additionally, he writes books on many astrology subjects and methods. He freely imparts the finer points of his astrological knowledge and experience to his readers—people he may never even have met—for their benefit. His clear narrations help the reader by guiding them through simple yet clever principles and methods. Both the novice and the expert are sharpened by them. Regular classes on various astrological specialties are taught by GK, as he is fondly referred to and astrological conferences are held once a year. For both users of the system and those who use mobile phones, he has produced astrological software. They are straightforward, self-explanatory, and simple to use. In addition to over 45 publications in Tamil, he has written works in English on Chandra Naadi, medical astrology, forecasting methods for transiting planets, and degree-wise proximity of planets. His works offer fresh perspectives on well-known facts while also unlocking the mysteries of astrological secrets. The forecasts are now simpler, easier, and more precise as a result. Saying that GK is a landmark in astrological writings and a one-stop shop for all astrological knowledge and needs won't be deemed hyperbolic. He essentially uses and preaches astrology.