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Bhaskara Bhava Munai Ulthodarpu Ragasiyam Vol 2 - Tamil

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About the book:
In this exceptionally written book, important studies on the topic of Talachuvadukala are explained in detail focusing on sutras from a new angle. A primary book to explain Nakshatra Astrology, this book helps to scientifically analyze the relationship between the malefics and malefic elements using a Jodhidar Nataka and Aruda system.

About the author:
K. Bhaskaran was born on 05.01.1964 in a large family in Ponayaka, Tikaiupadurai district, but due to circumstances he could not complete his schooling. He developed interest in various fields in life, such as arumalas and orium printing, block designing, two wheeler mechanism. So much so that at his young age he was exposed to many hidden dangers. Methodology was cultivated by science. Due to his own analytical skills and the ability to understand anything easily, he engaged himself in research and found rare secrets at the end of his efforts and as a result he got a special gift for himself in the scientific method of star astrology. Tilak Bhaskaran currently runs research and training centers in Madurai and Chennai on Bhavamuna communications.