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Athirsta Thiravukol Tarot - Tamil

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M Karthikeyan's Athirsta Thiravukol Tarot shows how tarot and astrology, two age-old systems for comprehending the self and the world, intersect. The author, also known as Tarot Suba. M. Karthikeyan, is the author of many works on spirituality, religion and tarot. The book examines the fundamental ideas of astrology and tarot as well as their diverse histories.

The book includes important details such as how tarot cards relate to astrology, spread tarot cards, combine tarot and astrology for particular insights, interpretation of tarot cards and tailored content each suitable for advanced and novice readers. With the help of a tarot astrology book, you may leverage the wisdom of astrology's celestial influences and the symbolism of the tarot for more insightful and complex readings.