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Astavarkka Kanithamum Palankalum - Tamil

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We present this book, "Ashtavarka Kanitham and Benefits," in response to the overwhelming reaction to "Dasavarka Kanitham and Benefits," which highlights the significance of both Dashavarka and Ashtavarka Kanitham in astrology. Readers who use this book to increase their astrological knowledge will find the author's experience knowledge to be a great guide.

With Ashtanga Varkka Kanithamum Palangalum, one might get predictions about their career, relationships, money, and well-being. They might also become aware of their benefits and drawbacks, which develops a self-awareness that they can employ to advance their growth. Ashtavarga predictions guide on when it is auspicious to begin undertaking endeavors, like starting a business or getting married since it is believed that specific planetary alignments are more favorable for success. Similarly, a reading of ashtavarga can suggest potential challenges or obstacles.