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Wooden Paduka Massager Cutter Work - Pair

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● The famous and symbolic Wooden Slipper was created especially for the illustrious people who devote their lives to the path of spirituality and enlightenment.
● These wooden slippers, which were made with the highest attention and care, represent simplicity, humility, and mindfulness in their purest form.
● Given that the wood was chosen and that it was obtained sustainably, in keeping with the values of mindfulness and harmony with the environment, it reflects respect for nature and the environment.
● The monk's rejection of worldly interests and connection to material belongings is symbolized by the purposeful plainness and lack of decoration on the wooden slippers.
● The straightforward style also fosters a sense of stability and concentration, enabling the user to be present in their spiritual practice.
● In addition to their symbolic value, these wooden slippers have a utilitarian use. During extended durations of meditation or walking, the natural characteristics of wood keep the feet cool, dry, and pleasant by regulating temperature and absorbing moisture.
● For people who spend a lot of time walking or in contemplation as part of their spiritual practice, the slippers' ergonomic design guarantees correct arch support and encourages good posture.
● The Wooden Slipper for monks is a practical item that also has profound spiritual significance.
● They act as a constant reminder of the monk's dedication to austerity, mindfulness, and independence from material attachments.
● Wearing these slippers turns into a ceremonial act that symbolizes their spiritual development and serves as a physical reminder of their commitment to a greater good.
● Monks and people looking to develop a closer relationship with their spiritual selves hold these wooden slippers in the highest regard and value.
● They are things of great significance and veneration, not just shoes.
● The Wooden Slipper for monks represents simplicity, humility, and inner serenity and can be used by a monk as a spiritual tool or maintained as a reminder of mindfulness and spirituality.
● It acts as a subtle prompt for each of us to adopt a conscious outlook on life and to follow our individual pathways with reverence and grace.
● Along with the Wooden slipper, Giri exclusively sells other accessories for the Gods/Goddesses elegant decoration.
● Visit Giri's website and shop online. Drench yourself immensely in spirituality.

Product Details

Height (Inches) 10.5
Width (Inches) 3.9
Depth (Inches) 2.3
Net Weight (KG) 0.390
Material Wood
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