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Brass Lamp - 11 Inches | Vilakku/ Diya/ Thoondamani Annam Design Deep for Home/ 1 Kgs Approx

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Brass Lamp - 11 Inches | Vilakku/ Diya/ Thoondamani Annam Design Deep for Home/ 1 Kgs Approx

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● This Thoondamani Vilakku is also known as the Perpetual Lamp. This lamp is made of brass and is durable.
● It is a hanging votive diya in a chain with a swan (Annaparavai) at the top and the wick at the bottom.
● The large ball shape seen in between the swan and the wick was originally an oil well used to function as a reservoir in which the ghee was poured.
● This 'Thoondamani vilakku' is a non-functioning lamp, and it is a showpiece to decorate your beautiful home as it has great significance in the history of South Indians from the Sangam period (300 BCE to 300 CE).
● “Thoondamani Vilakku” is a type of votive hanging diya commonly found in Hindu temples. Votive offerings are nothing but voluntary dedications to the Gods, like vows, prayers, or promises made by individuals or communities to God.
● Thoondudhal, in Tamil, means touching something. So to not touch something is called Thoonda.
● Since this lamp works by capillary action and automatically feeds oil or ghee from the reservoir into the lamp to burn continuously without the necessity of adjusting the wick, it has the name “Thoondamani Vilakku.”
● This thooku vilakku is not only illuminates physical spaces but also represents the dispelling of darkness from one's life and the awakening of inner knowledge and wisdom.
● Its form is deeply symbolic, signifying the pursuit of light and enlightenment in the spiritual journey.
● The Thundamani Villaku is more than just a source of illumination; it's a conduit for connecting with the divine. Its radiant light is believed to attract positive energies and blessings, making it an integral part of religious and cultural traditions.

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Material Brass
Height (Inches) 11
Width (Inches) 4
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