Aadi Krithigai is an important festival celebrated in the Tamil month of Adi or Aadi. In 2023, the date of Aadi Krithigai is August 09. The festival is dedicated to Lord Muruga or Subrahamaniya. Incidentally, the festival is also referred to as Aadi Krittika, Kirthigai, Kritika, and Krithika. The festival is celebrated with fervor in the Murugan Temples in Tamil Nadu. Adi Krithigai in some regions is celebrated to symbolize the victory of good over evil when Murugan slew the demon Surapadma. After the annihilation of the demon, Muruga blessed devotees with boons. According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Muruga was born as six different babies. And he was looked after by the six Krittika stars. Later, Lord Muruga was combined as a single baby with six heads by Goddess Parvati. There are many variations to this legend. Celebrate Aadi Kirthigai With Our puja Lamps And Deepam Oil


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