Masi Magam comes in the Tamil month of Masi (February - March),which is an exceptionally auspicious day. It is a important day and Tamilians around the globe celebrate this festival. Magam,is one among the twenty seven stars (Nakshatras) in the Hindu visionary framework called constellation.

This day is a standout among-st the most intense Full Moons of the full year, since the moon lines up with Magha which is the birth Star of the Kings and Ancestors. This fortuitous event just happens just once per year and implies the plunge of glorious creatures to the earth plane. The divine creatures show up in the astral shape to filter their own karma and in addition the karma of humankind.

The principle highlight of the celebration is the custom shower given to the gods in the waters of 'Theerthavari'. Early toward the beginning of the day, a major brilliant parade of devotees with the deities is sorted out from the temple to the ocean shore, with the backup of the auspicious Nadhaswaram, a non-brass acoustic South Indian instrumentTemple idols, particularly those of Lord Shiva, Shakti, and Lord Vishnu, are given a formal shower in the waters of Theerthavari.

According to the conventional ritual, the temple Idols are given shower in the ocean, lake or lake. Idols of divine beings and goddess those are revered in the Temples are carried in a major parade to ocean shores, streams or lakes. Pooja and ceremonies are held here and a large number of individuals take an interest in this promising event. In a few temples Gaja-pooja(elephant worship) and Ashwa pooja(horse) is likewise performed to bring wealth and bliss for the fans.

A great many fans attend this heavenly ceremonial procession. The fans additionally clean up in the ocean with the conviction that the sacred waters washes away all the sins.

It is unequivocally trusted that those washing up in the oceans or waterways or lakes on the Masi Magam day achieve Moksha. The explanation behind watching Masi Magam fluctuates from area to locale and now and then even from temple to temple. There are various myths identified with Masi Magham and every sanctuary may utilize an alternate myth. Once in twelve years, Masi Magam accomplishes exceptional essentials and afterward it is known as Maha Maham.

The day is of incredible hugeness in Pondicherry, Kumbakonam, Srirangam and in various different holy places related with Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti in South India and in alternate parts of the world having Tamil talking individuals.

Once in twelve years the Masi Magam accomplishes much more noteworthiness and afterward Maha Maham is held. Aside from the full moon, amid the Maha Maham there is the development of Jupiter into Leo (singha rasi.) Maha Maham is of awesome significance at the Adi Kumbeswaran sanctuary in Kumbakonam. There is hallowed teerth (tank) here which is called Maha Maham.