Karadaiyan Nonbu:


     Karadaiyan Nonbu also known as ‘Savitri Nonbu Vritham’ is an important festival for the married women in the state of Tamil Nadu. On this day, women offer prayers for the longevity and well being of their husbands. Karadaiyan Nonbu is observed on a chosen day when the transition takes place between two Tamil months, namely, Panguni and Massi. It is observed at the exact time when the Tamil month of Massi ends and the month of Panguni begins. In the Gregorian calendar, this festival falls in the month of March. Women observe a strict fast on this day and special feast is prepared for the occasion. Karadaiyan Nonbu is observed with full gaiety and fervour not only in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu but also in foreign countries like USA, Canada, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.


 Karadaiyan Nonbu Rituals during Karadaiyan Nonbu:


      Fasting or vratam is an important ritual on the day of Karadaiyan Nonbu. Married women observe a fast from the time of getting up. The fast is broken after completing the puja rituals. Women break their vratam by eating the unique Karadai preparation with butter. The fats is broken anytime in the late afternoon or evening.


    On Karadaiyan Nonbu a special naivedya is prepared and is known as ‘Karadai Nonbu Adai’. As per the mythological stories, it is stated that Savitri prepared this special dish and offered it with unmelted butter to Lord Yama, the Hindu God of Death, as a thanksgiving gesture for returning the life of her husband, Satyvan.


    Women on this day worship Goddess Gowri and offer the Karadaiyan Nonbu Naivedyam to please the Goddess. Special mantras are chanted at the time of offering the Karadai to Goddess Gowri. The puja of Karadaiyan Nonbu is performed at the specific time when Massi month ends and the month of Panguni just begins. 


   Another significant ritual on Karadaiyan Nonbu is wearing the yellow colored thread, referred as ‘Karadai Nonbu Saradu’ around the neck. A small flower is also tied to this yellow thread. This thread is tied for the well-being of husbands. 


   Women also decorate their houses with kolam on this day. 


Significance of Karadaiyan Nonbu:


    Karadaiyan Nonbu is a significant ritual that is mainly observed by married women in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. The word ‘Karadai’ refers to ‘a special naivedya (holy dish) and ‘Nonbu’ signifies ‘upvasam or vratam’. The observance of Karadaiyan Nonbu is done in remembrance of ‘Satyvan-Savitri’ story. According to the legends, Savitri was a princess who with her utmost devotion towards her husband, Satyvan, saved him from the clutches of death. This story is very popular in India and there are few other Hindu festivals based on this legend, such as ‘Vat Savitri Puja’. The festival of Karadaiyan Nonbu is observed by married women for the prosperity and long life of their husbands whereas unmarried girls keep this observance to get their choice of husband.


Karadaiyan Nonbu Vratam & Savitri Padam

Karadaiyan Nonbu Vratam & Savitri Padam

Nonbu Charadu

Nonbu Charadu