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Dance Costume - 26 Inches | Readymade Bharatnatyam dress for Girls/ Satin Cloth with Jari Border/ Random Colour

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● Step into the graceful world of Bharatanatyam with our stunning Bharatanatyam Costume Set!
● This beautiful ensemble captures the essence of this classical Indian dance form, allowing you to showcase your talent with elegance and style.
● This classical dance set comprises five essential pieces that come together to create a captivating and authentic look. The set includes a beautifully designed blouse, a flowing pallu, a hip cover, a semi-circle, and a pant with a fan attached to it.
● Each piece of this costume is meticulously tailored to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to dance with confidence and grace. The vibrant colors and intricate details of the ensemble are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Bharatnatyam, adding an extra layer of charm to your performance.
● The Bharatanatyam costume is carefully crafted to be comfortable and flexible, allowing the dancer to move with ease and grace.
● The use of lightweight and breathable fabrics ensures that the costume does not hinder the dancer's movements or cause discomfort during performances.
● Each piece serves a specific purpose and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the dance form.
● Blouse: The blouse, also known as the choli or ravika, is a fitted top that covers the upper body. The blouse is designed to enhance the dancer's posture and highlight the graceful movements of the arms and upper body.
● Pallu: The pallu, also called the dupatta or odhani, is a long, flowing piece of fabric that drapes over the shoulder and extends down the back.
● Hip Cover: The hip cover, also known as the sari skirt or langa, is a wrap-around garment that covers the lower body. The hip cover is tailored to fit snugly around the waist and hips, allowing the dancer to showcase precise footwork and intricate movements.
● Semi Circle: The semi circle, also known as the aramandi or the lower garment, is a voluminous skirt that flares out gracefully. The semi circle enables the dancer to showcase intricate footwork and swift movements with elegance and grace.
● Pant with Fan: The pant with a fan, also known as the pyjama or salwar, is a loose-fitting bottom garment that covers the legs. The pant is designed to accommodate the intricate footwork of Bharatanatyam, while the attached fan at the back creates a visual element that adds flair to the dancer's movements.
● Overall, the Bharatanatyam costume is not only a reflection of tradition and cultural heritage but also a functional ensemble that enhances the beauty and grace of the dance form.

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